International Meetings on Particles and Fields in Pakistan is an attempt to help scientists in high energy physics to discuss recent issues and frontiers of field.

The first such meeting was held at the Physics Department, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, in 2008. The second and third meetings were organized at the National Centre for Physics (NCP), Islamabad, in 2009 and 2010, respectively. The fourth meeting took place at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Lahore. The 5th meeting was held at the same place (CHEP) we plan now and had a number of foreign speakers from Austria, China, Turkey, Mexico, USA and Canada. This enlarged scope of the meeting was maintained in the 6th Meeting on Particles and Fields, held at the National Centre for Physics on April 14-18, 2014 in form of speakers from Mexico, Turkey and Canada.

These meetings have included talks by Pakistani and foreign physicists reporting their research work. These also include a set of few lectures by experts that review a particular field and educate the audience including young particle physics Ph. D.'s and Ph. D. scholars, along with M. Phil. and junior physics students who are introduced to the exciting field of particle physics. Many are helped in their choice of research fields by this series.  Thus Pakistani researchers in the field are given a chance to present to fellow researchers the work they are carrying out.  Research students also get opportunities to present their work.  The format has been interactive, with most of the speakers and participants talking to each other in the tea breaks, dinning together and arranged to stay in the same guest house. This has actually initiated mutual collaboration both at national and international level.    

  1. We shall invite speakers from the areas of theoretical and experimental particle physics, along with astrophysics and general relativity
  2. We may organize one or two public talks at a level suitable for the benefit of the general public and young physics students
  3. If the number of talks exceed the slots available, we shall carry out a selection procedure


Centre for High Energy Physics (CHEP) at University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan is organizing Seventh International Meeting on particles and fields from 1st - 4th April, 2015 . This is intended to be an extended version of the previous meetings with sizeable international component associated with it. Please refer to the following website for complete information about CHEP.


The organizing committee invites researcher, scholars, and academics to present their research work and exchange ideas on recent issues of theoretical high energy physics, experimental particle physics, cosmology, and general relativity (see list of topics).

Please respond to this invitation till February 28, 2015, and send us the title of your suggested talk with a brief abstract (if you are interested to give one).

Topics to be Covered:

  • Theoretical and Experimental High Energy Physics
  • Cosmology and General Relativity